NeuMoDx Molecular Introduces High Volume Nucleic Acid Extraction Capability

– New Software provides capability to perform approximately 400 extractions per 8-hour shift –

June 8, 2020 (Ann Arbor, Michigan) NeuMoDx™ Molecular, a sample-to-result molecular diagnostic company focused on central laboratory customers, announced today the release of new software that introduces ‘Extraction Only’ capabilities among other enhancements. The Extraction Only feature provides users the option for a faster extraction process to enhance their molecular testing. The NeuMoDx™ 288 and 96 Molecular Systems are capable of extracting DNA and RNA from approximately 400 and 200 samples in an eight-hour period, respectively. By introducing a high-performance extractor on top of the abilities of a sample-to-result solution, the NeuMoDx Molecular Systems give customers unparalleled flexibility to consolidate platforms.

NeuMoDx Molecular offers solutions that integrate the entire molecular diagnostic process – from extraction to detection – with the first result available in approximately one hour. These innovative analyzers provide operators with the ability to load patient samples in a continuous, random-access workflow resulting in on-demand, high throughput sample processing with a true operator walkaway window of up to eight hours. “With the NeuMoDx Molecular solutions, our customers have had access to sophisticated, seamless workflows enabling continuous loading, true random access, and rapid turnaround times for sample-to-result IVD/LDT implementations” said Sundu Brahmasandra, NeuMoDx President and COO. “By extending these capabilities to include Extraction Only operation, our users can now harness the benefit of a high-throughput and universal nucleic acid extraction system that is able to simultaneously process a wide variety of clinical specimen matrices for high quality DNA/RNA extractions”.

Today’s clinical laboratories are challenged to increase productivity through process optimization and cost management. Laboratories gain unique opportunities to maximize effectiveness with three distinct modes of operation (IVD, LDT, and Extraction Only) for the NeuMoDx Molecular Systems. The proprietary NeuDry™ reagents used with the systems require no refrigeration and are extremely robust with an on-board stability of up to 60 days and ambient temperature shelf life of greater than one year. The unitized format of the NeuDry reagents significantly increases operating efficiency while minimizing the waste leading to enhanced cost control.

About NeuMoDx™

NeuMoDx Molecular designs and develops revolutionary molecular diagnostic solutions for hospital and clinical reference laboratories. Our patented, ‘sample-to-result’ platform offers market-leading ease of use, true continuous random-access, and rapid turnaround time while achieving optimal operational and clinical performance for our customers and the patients they serve. For more information visit


We are excited to announce that QIAGEN has acquired all shares of NeuMoDx Molecular, Inc. The addition of NeuMoDx’s medium- and high-throughput molecular systems further expands QIAGEN’s portfolio of molecular diagnostics instruments, bolstering our leadership in automated molecular testing. We are proud to welcome NeuMoDx to our family of PCR solutions that make improvements in life possible.

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