NeuMoDx Molecular, Inc. will provide hospital and clinical reference laboratories with a vastly superior solution for in vitro molecular diagnostic (MDx) testing.

The NeuMoDx platform will offer significantly improved ease of use, considerably lower costs and dramatically higher performance as compared to other systems for nucleic acid testing.

NeuMoDx will focus on the largest and most profitable MDx tests, rather than lower volume tests on the periphery of the MDx market.

Unlike other MDx start-ups, which are developing point-of-care testing products, NeuMoDx will target central laboratories, where the vast majority of testing occurs today and will likely remain in the future.

Led by Jeff Williams (Founder & CEO) and Sundu Brahmasandra (President), the Company’s senior management has demonstrated success in building and exiting MDx and other life science companies, including HandyLab, an MDx systems company which sold for $275 million in 2009.


NeuMoDx’s patent-pending technology integrates magnetic particle affinity capture and real time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) chemistry in a multi-sample microfluidic cartridge. This technology will enable the NeuMoDx platform to provide market leading throughput and speed, processing ~500 samples every 8 hours and requiring less than one hour to generate the first results.

The NeuMoDx platform will offer the simplest possible operation for an MDx system: Load a sample tube in a sample rack and place the sample rack in the system, with the remainder of the processing automated by the NeuMoDx system.

The system will provide true random access operation and the ability to continuously load samples, while also allowing customers to implement Lab Developed Tests (LDTs) in conjunction with the NeuMoDx consumables and reagents.

With up to 30 different assays stored on the system, lab personnel will enjoy a large walkaway window and will no longer be required to physically pair patient samples with the desired test.

Perhaps best of all, as a result of the design of the system, NeuMoDx will provide customers with a lower cost per test relative to the competition.